Our Climate Ambitions

Our climate / green / sustainability ambitions are a core part of every choice we make. They are important to us and are our first choice. If it is not feasible, practical or agreeable to make these choices we make the next best choice. 


  • Choosing organic plants reducing harmful chemical usage

  • Grown in the UK reducing travel energy use

  • Recycling 100% of green waste and as much other waste as possible. We are a Licensed Waste Carrier responsible to the Department of the Environment for disposing of all waste correctly

  • Promoting design that is long lasting, developmental and sustainable

  • Reducing waste by reusing and/or refurbishing 

The Southwest London Gardener Ltd

The Access Building, 249-251 Merton Road

Wandsworth, London  SW18 5EB

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The Southwest London Gardener Ltd

30 Rugby Road

Twickenham, London  TW 1 1DG

0208 943 0854

Registered Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency Licence No. CBDL251747

All images are representations to give you ideas of what can be achieved.

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