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Who we are

The Southwest London Gardener is an established local family run business. We provide quality gardening services, landscaping and design, watering systems and large plant or tree sourcing.

Our passion is to connect people and plants. Book a free consultation below!

What do we do?

We are committed to providing professional, ​simple​ customer service and to produce beautiful results. Every job we do is led by our drive to create the best possible ​green​ space for our customer through our years of gardening experience.

Why hire us?

We pride ourselves on forming strong connections with clients as we believe this results in the perfect garden for you. We get a great satisfaction from designing a space that makes you happy, it’s why we get out of bed in the morning!

We also source the best products that we personally use in our own gardens and use low-impact, environmentally friendly gardening practices.

Our Process

On our first consultation we will pay you a free visit to discuss and understand your needs and requirements for your outdoor space. From that initial visit we produce a plan, closely consulting with you every step of the way. Fill out our contact form below to book a consultation and begin the process.


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